Tingvej 14

Seasonal Menu


Open ravioli with a salad of smoked salmon, quinoa, cucumber and mussel foam accompanied by sun-ripened tomato


Slow cooked cod, unripe pickled rhubarb, cauliflower in variation with Du Puy lentils. Basil aioli, green rhubarb puree, served with lightly smoked bouillion from river trout


Danish neck of veal, truffle jus with chives and aged sherry vinegar served with confit daikon, grilled sweet pepper puree and pommes dauphinoise in puff pastry with foam from creamed mushroom


Stroh rum-braised pineapple, lemon curd, caramel mousse, salted chocolate ganache, oat crumble, vanilla ice cream garnished with crispy leaf

Coffee & Petit Four

We conclude with black coffee and tea accompanied by petit four & the chef’s selected digestifs.

The Brothers Koch

An evening at "Det Glade Vanvid" delivers a complete restaurant experience with wonderful flavours, a beautiful presentation and seasonal produce at a great price where everything is included.